Friday, February 4, 2011

The Damascus Way

The DamascusWay

I’ve been desperate lately for some good reading material. Unfortunately, the speed at which the local library acquires new fiction is much slower than my reading pace.

I’ve supplemented with quite a lot of nonfiction. The only problem is that I’m such a “studier” that I can’t just read through a good nonfiction. I want to take notes. So it is not very relaxing.

When I heard that Janette Oke and Davis Bunn were coming out with a new series based on the book of Acts, I was very excited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to get into the first two books

Perhaps to someone who wasn’t as familiar with the book of Acts they would have been a bit more enthralling.

Still, when “The Damascus Way” appeared on the shelf, I checked it out and prepared to skim through it like I had the others.

But I did not.

I loved it.

The characters were interesting, but then again, that is something that Oke is known for- her real characters.

The story-line, in my mind, was fascinating.

What happens when a man’s wife, mistress and daughter all become believers?

The side-story of Abigail adds a bit of the quiet love-story that Oke is known for.

The glimpse into the early church is also something that excites me.

The miracles, the persecution, the rapid spreading of the gospel, the overwhelming sense that this is the church that Jesus died to create.

I’ll stop now.

But I will leave you with my favorite quote from the book.

“Part of coming to know Jesus is coming to know ourselves, Papa. Seeing all the things that we otherwise might wish to keep hidden. Even from our own minds.” (pg. 570)

Is that not the truth!

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Sarah Logan said...

I just found your blog as I was looking at Zac Wallers website. As i was looking around I realized - from your wedding picture - that I read your story in Above Rubies. It is funny how small this world is!!!