Friday, July 30, 2010

The Will of God

Ever felt like life is fluttering away and you can not stop it?

There wasn't enough help for my husband to get the barn ready for our milk cows (although a few unexpected people showed up which helped tremendously!) so I have spent the past two weeks in the barn. Scraping. Hauling. Lifting. Load after load after load. My body aches.

My husband said to me today, "I'm sorry you have to work like a man, Honey. I wish I could do it all so you didn't have to."

I was beginning to think that I'm a wimp- the men work like that all the time! But his statement reminded me- no, I'm just a girl. And I'm so happy to be one!

The good part is that I'm pretty sure milking 2x a day will be RELAXING after these past two weeks.

I only have to go to the barn twice a day?! Praise the Lord!

At times I wonder about this venture of ours... Then I think about the man who sat at our table with us today saying, "God is so good. A miracle worker!" And he cried with us that God had somehow managed to get our farm paid off when we thought going to Haiti would ruin us financially.

And the man who sat there a few days ago and listened while Amos told him the gospel message from start to finish.

And the man who stood in our barn and asked questions about why we would be choosing what we were choosing. "God's leading." Seemed vague to him, so he asked more questions and we told him more about how God leads and guides his children...

I could go on. These are but a few of the dozens. It seems that every time I turn around I hear my husband sharing his faith with someone. I married an evangelist. Not a Billy Graham type- but a farmer type. And I am so proud. So very proud to be his wife.

Even if it means that I fall into bed bone tired every night. Or if I have to "work like a man" in the barn. Because beside him, I know that I'm in the will of God. And that is a glorious place to be.