Saturday, October 31, 2009


My husband and I have finally hit that crux in a relationship where one goes from knowing some parts of a person to knowing most of that person. I've decided that it just takes about 2 years, no matter how long you knew each other before hand (unless, perhaps, you disagree with me and think that it's fine to have exceptionally close [emotionally] relationships with the opposite sex before marriage). And I can't begin to tell you how fun it is!

Amos and I were talking the other morning about different dreams and I mentioned the book that I'm writing. Not the one that is almost finished (I read a few chic lit books a couple years ago and said, unfortunately, outloud, "I could write this." and then my friends insisted that I prove it. So, after rolling my eyes for a couple years, I finally buckled down and started "The Reasons" which needs about 20 thousand more words to be finished.) but the other one... I've always been fascinated by the girl I was named after, Natasha Zhanova from the book The Persecutor. And for years I've had this story swirling in my mind that involves her and that time period...

Regardless, I was telling Amos about it and he really encouraged me to finish it. In fact, he offered to help me and to make sure that I had all the time I needed. And, he said that if I finished it, he'd sell a piece of equipment so I had money in case I needed to buy copies of the book to get it published.
Now, I don't have stars in my eyes about becoming an author... but it did make me realize that I can do this. I can finish it. Not to get a book on the market but just because I love writing. And I love this story.

It makes me excited. So, my resolution for 2010 (getting an early start!) is to get a rough draft written. 100,000 words at least.

Jesus, you know that I want this because I think you've placed all of these things inside me. You inspired my name. You gave me a love for Russia and the persecuted church. If this story can bring you glory in anyway, that's all I want. Lead and guide me. I don't want to get so set on this that I miss what you're doing but I kind of feel like this is what you're doing. I love you. Help me follow.

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Nicole said...

That's so awesome!

I remember reading parts of "The Reasons" - I'd like to read the finished thing too :-D

are you doing ?