Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh, the joys of life...

This morning my in-laws came for breakfast. We had a lovely time eating eggs and toast and drinking coffee while we chatted about things. I want to get a copy of "HeartBridge" a book about Nathaniel Christian Orphanage in Romania, for my mother-in-law. I told her a couple stories from it and she just loved them.

Then, just as we were finishing breakfast my niece and nephew arrived to spend the day with us! We packed them up and went to church which was so much fun with them. I'm sure when I have my own kids it will be hard to have them in church every Sunday- but for now, I enjoyed it... a lot!

We took them back to the house afterwards and we all napped (although Lulu woke up first and I was half-awake listening to her then suddenly jerked awake because I didn't hear her and couldn't see her. Talk about panicking! She was just around the corner, standing still to fill her diaper. *laughs* But I was wide awake after that!) then the kids played and played...

They left at six and we drove around looking at the pretty leaves. Then we went to my parents to watch "EE-TAOW" (a documentary movie by New Tribes Missions... SO good. I cried. Just like I have every other time I've seen it.) and enjoyed root beer floats. Now we are playing amish dice and I have been instructed to close the computer.

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