Wednesday, October 7, 2009

daybook entry. - October

Outside my window: A very windy, cold day!

I am thinking: About what I could possibly get for Anna Sliz for her bachelorette party tonight. I'm thinking a bar of organic dark chocolate. That's a good thing to say goodbye to singleness with...

From the learning rooms: Still studying Acts. On chapter 4.

I am thankful for: my amazing wonderful husband.

From the kitchen: Turkey soup and pumpkin biscotti.

I am wearing: work-out clothes because I'm planning to do Pilates in just a few moments.

I am creating: Been going through all my Bible-files... Book by book. Organizing notes/studies etc...

I am reading: Just finished "The Shadow Women" by Angela Hunt

I am hoping: To make it to the bank before three.

I am hearing: Mya giggling and Delite working out.

Around the house: Laundry is caught up. Kitchen is clean. Dishes are done. Dinner is cooking. It's a good day!

One of my favorite things: Mya saying, "Tashhha." And pointing to my lap. Why, yes, I would love to snuggle you... little sugarplum!

A few plans for the week: Getting ready for Anna's wedding! Yay!

A picture thought I am sharing: It's me and the sugarplum herself!

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