Thursday, October 30, 2008

The year in overview

It’s that time again. I am preparing to switch to a new planner (a pretty travel design this time) and as I always do, I have been going over the last year- looking at my goals at the beginning of the year compared to the actual life that I lived. And, of course, pulling out my favorite quotes and thoughts from the past year that I scribbled in the note pages…

November- I got married!
Wedding Trip from Indian Lake to Maine.
December- Christmas with two families for the first time.
January- Major health issues
Brother engaged
February- Wedding plans
Asked to be Matron of Honor
March- Wedding! It was beautiful.
Threw “Yarn” birthday party for Brianna.
April- MDS trip to Louisiana.
May- Anaiah Marie born! (Keturah’s first baby)
June- Elyse Raine born! (Niece)
July- County Fair- went with my husband!
Went for a boat ride in Old Forge.
Went overnight on the Sailboat.
August- Vacation Bible School for new church!
Olivia Elise born! (Shae’s first baby)
September- Overnight for Delite’s birthday
Seneca Falls, women’s retreat- led music
October- Vaughn & April’s wedding (help cook)
Cort & Kerin’s wedding
Ali & William’s wedding
Kim & Jamie’s wedding

Favorite notes & quotes:

Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?(John 11:40)

Great faith is the product of great fights. Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests. Great triumphs can only come out of great trials. (Smith Wigglesworth)

“I agree with what he said. I, I, well, I just don’t remember what it was.”

“I am not worried about staying clean. I will jump into any pit if it means I can pull you out of it.” (Jesus- to Delite)

Him, whom I have not seen, I love

The nieces and nephews

Heidi Rose was eating breakfast and Grandpa and Grandma’s with us- She looked at her egg that Grandpa had salted and peppered for her then turned to Amos and I and said, “Looks like he dropped it in the flower garden.”

Giselle was in the van sniffing the air.
“Mom, what’s that smell?”
“I don’t know.” (Ana)
“Mom, I smell a rainbow! A little tiny rainbow!”

Marsha was just home from the hospital with baby Elyse. We were having dinner together and Marsha took Elyse into the other room to nurse her. Aurora looked up, saw the baby crying and said, “Uh, guys, I’m gonna… check on the baby.” Then promptly jumped down out of her highchair and ran after them.

Zellie went up to Brianna and said, “Mya toh tolld. My happa wap me up. Mya lil baby.”
(My too cold. My have to wrap me up. My a little baby.)

The kids were all outside playing in the first snow of the year. Brianna looked out and saw Giselle laying down. A little while later Alora came in and Brianna asked her what Zellie was doing. Alora looked out at her and said, “Oh, making a snow angel.” A few minutes later Zellie was still lying down. Brianna suddenly panicked…what if she was too cold and had gone to sleep? She yelled out to Eric, “What is Giselle doing? Is she sleeping?” Eric looked over at her and said, “Na, just crying.” Brianna yelled back, “Why?” And she heard Giselle answer between tears, “I TANT GET UP!”

Overheard in the kids playroom:
“You be superman, you be supergirl and I’ll be Jesus!” (Eric, 4yrs.)
“No, I want to be Jesus!” (Alora, 8yrs.)
“Fine, I’ll be God.” (Eric)
“But Jesus and God are the same thing.” (Alora)
“No, one’s the father and the other is the son.” (Eric)
“But they’re the same.” (Alora)
“No, they’re different but the same.” (Alora)


Melody said...

You never cease to inspire me. Your life goals, tracking things through your life, the scriptures and my I only wish I could do a portion of that. My life is so distracted...

Blessings my sister in Christ,

Miriam said...

Hi! I linked to your blog from YLCF and noticed that your husband's name is Amos! That's so cool, because that's my husband's name, too. And you don't hear that name very often. My husband's met 1 other man named Amos in his life so far, and heard of maybe 2 or 3. So I just had to comment...I'm a new-ish wife also (2 years). We live out in the mountains in Idaho. We have a baby girl and another baby on the way. Anyway, nice to "meet" you and another Amos! : )