Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Simple Woman's DayBook

Outside my window: Darkness and SNOW! I love the first snow of the year.

I am thinking: About the mounds of laundry that I need to do tomorrow.

From the learning rooms: I taught myself how to make tied flannel blankets today. I made little doll ones for the twins birthday friday.

I am thankful for: My husband. He is so kind and considerate. Although at this moment I am waiting for him. *smiles* But that's okay.

From the kitchen: Fresh Venison. Fried with onions and a little butter. Nothing beats it.

I am wearing: My new pretty green skirt that I got at the thrift shop for 4 dollars.

I am creating: My own planner for the next year. I couldn't find one with a cover that I liked (or a price tag that I could afford) so I bought a pretty travel journal with pockets and sections and am making my own calendar pages.

I am reading: To Dance in the Desert by Kathleen Popa. I love it.

I am hoping: That I will get some sleep tonight as the little one is sleeping now while she should be awake...

I am hearing: My mother, my husband and my father chatting as they work on the fall puzzle (my mother has puzzles for every season) in the living room.

Around the house: Other than the laundry piled up my house is wonderfully clean and smelling of fresh baked cookies.

One of my favorite things: My niece spending the night. I love her soft little body and darling smiles.

A few plans for the (rest of the) week: mail out passport applications. bible study tomorrow. twins birthday friday. sunday school party friday night.

Oh! And this is a picture of our house in haiti!

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