Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[writing] April 5, 2011

I've been working like crazy on my novel. This is only the second revision of what will probably be... well, a lot.

I can't explain how much I've been dreading this. Ever since I got it back from my first "editor" (i.e. Meg) its been sitting there on my desk saying, "Re-write me! Re-write me!"

However! Now that I've started, I'm having a blast! I'd forgotten how much I love the story. Its funny and sweet and I am so happy when I'm working on it.

The real problem was that I wanted to change the Prologue completely and I didn't know how. I must have started it twenty times only to erase it. Then Amos and I went out to breakfast and ran into some friends. She told us a cute little story about her daughter and whalla! I had my beginning. (Yes, it might change again before the end but at least it got me past the Prologue!)

Now I'm revising and editing and re-writing and the story is getting deeper and fuller and better. I love that.

Most authors write a ton and have to cut out. I'm different. I write the shortest version then add in... but it is so fun.

Not to mention. I know what the third book is going to be now. Which is good. Because it takes me about two years of thinking and keeping notes on something to actually be able to write it. So, its about time to get started.

Other than that. I've written another article and sent it out. We'll see. The last thing I had published was in Proverbs 31 Woman back in February so I really should get working on more articles again.

So. There's your update! Go write something. Yes, you. Not me. I'm already writing.

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