Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Joy] March 2, 2011

I’m afraid my posts lately have been a bit on the depressing side. I don’t want you to think that things are all bad! I still have so much good. Lets take a little peek at the…

Joy In The Midst

The dripping of the coffee pot. Laughter with friends around the Monopoly board. Best of 3 in Marbles against Amos before bed. (Loser has to get in the cold bed first!) The crackling of the wood fire. The sound of the windmills on windy days. Listening to my husband talk about tractors. (He’s so smart and cute and funny) The sound of computer keys clicking. Listening to the cows eating hay after milking. (sometimes we just lay down in the hay, holding hands and smiling at the sound.) Amos and I, not the cows and I. J My beautiful parsley plant that sits on the kitchen windowsill. Sitting at the table, drinking coffee and listening to my husband share the gospel with all the men who come to visit. My kitchen. Everything about it. Its my favorite place to be. Buying myself flowers because I can hear Amos saying, “I wish I could keep roses on your table every day of the year.” Arriving home with them and seeing his brilliant smile. Waking up late, rolling over and seeing my cell phone with the battery out of it- evidence that my husband is my protector- even from lack of sleep! The lights above my sink. Planning what to wear for Adoption days. Crying with Amos. Not because I like to cry but because I don’t have to cry alone. Hearing people tell me, “Your husband is a good man.” Listening to Amos explaining to me why he’s losing money on a “deal” because he feels that to push for more might ruin his Christian testimony. Knowing that the reason I don’t have money for new clothes and shoes, internet and tv, is because my husband has principles that he stands on. Talking to Meg until three in the morning. Watching my niece, Heidi, run to my side after Sunday School with a big grin on her face as she slips past her Mom. Little Micah, who for some reason still remembers me and gives me smiles and lovings whenever I see him. Getting texts that aren’t actually from the person who sent them but from God himself. (Who would have thought that God sends texts?) My quilt. My guitar. (I never would have dreamed that the day would come when I could just sit down with a guitar and play…) The shelf in my room that contains my favorite books. Redeeming Love. Jungle Pilot. Roses for Mama. Pascal’s Wager. Opening my Bible and seeing a note on the margin that touches me again, just like it did five years ago when I wrote it. Watching my wedding video and realizing that I had no idea how God was blessing me that day- giving me a man who wasn’t at all what I had “pictured” but so much better than anything I could have imagined. Sitting in Sunday School, watching the girls scrapbook from a chapter in Psalms… Looking at their papers and being amazed at their depth of understanding. Getting a note from one of the WoP girls that said, I learned soooo much. I got some things right in my life. (Thank you, Father, for doing something with my fumbling attempts to do your will.)