Saturday, April 17, 2010

Musings over a Cafe au Lait

I've been trying so hard to be "purposeful" in my relationships. The outcome? I love it. I really, honestly, simply love it.

I've also been working at trying to actually speak if I have an opinion. Not in a know-it-all way; in a caring, loving, "Oh, well, this is kind of what I think..." sort of way. (The reason for this was that I realized that people were assuming my opinions anyway and they weren't always right! In fact, often they were assigning opinions that I would never have thought of having!)

The over-all conclusion: Why didn't I do this years ago?

God is so faithful. Teaching, leading, guideing.

And now, after two years of struggling and fighting and crying over my relationships- I am now sitting at a little coffee shop, sipping a creamy, foamy cafe au lait thinking, I know that I screw up quite often and I know that I still hurt people and am still being hurt at times but I love this! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for molding me and changing me.

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