Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Blush of Spring.

For the first time this year, I am sitting on the deck to write this entry. Although we don't have internet at home, my parents are still living in town and I use it as an excuse to come and visit often. (Not that I need one but I love the reason to stop in almost every day to see my Grandmother as well.)

It was my dear friend, Keturah's birthday today and I spent some time visiting with her this afternoon. She has two little ones, less than a year apart, so our lives haven't coincided much over the past year or so. (Seeing as I was out of the country and have not always had a vehicle since being home.)

This morning, though, after devotions, writing another dear friend, Rebekah, and running for a half hour, I went to interview a lovely woman named Peggy. (I do interviews for the Women of Promise website)

What an encouragement! She shared some beautiful things that God was teaching her, along with giving me some personal encouragement about my medical condition. I can't tell you how blessed I was to spend time with her!

All of that put together, I was overwhelmed today with the beauty and grace of spring. The budding of new life! The thought that I, too, can become new.

In my devotions I felt God saying... Look, my child, at what I am doing! In your life and in lives around you. You are loved. And through you I want to love others!


Cole said...

thats a good word to receive. sounds like a good day. :) cute blog

nicole visiting from

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