Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making things New.

A bride prepared
Her Lover calling
And from the throne
You can hear Him say...

My dwelling place
Will be with you
For I am yours
And you are mine
Every tear you cry,
I will wipe away.
No more death, mourning, crying or pain
For these have passed
And I my Love,
Am making things new.


Roseanna M. White said...

I hate to clog up your comments but didn't see another way to get in touch. =) Thanks for the comment at The Character Therapist on A Stray Drop of Blood! There a few other giveaways this week and next you can enter (go to and click on the Where I Am tab--first link is Guest Appearances, which lists them). Plus my family has an online store, and we fill orders on my book ourselves, so I can offer a discount with a special code.

Again, sorry to leave this is a comment! Feel free to email me through my website. =)

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. i hope that you do find roseanna's book somewhere. sometimes i "stalk" authors on the internet....going to all the blogs they are featured on....and then i'll get the book i want. :)

take care!
The Character Therapist