Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding plans and Remembering.

I've been busy this week helping my dear friend, Delite, plan for her wedding this summer. As a girl who made it to her mid-twenties without dating and used her time to minister to people rather than bemoan the fact that she didn't have a guy, she is walking into her marriage with a literal ARMY of supporters. Which, in turn, translates into a huge wedding party.

And I do mean huge. As in, there are 8 Maids/Matrons of Honor. When she first said that, I was a little shocked but then I looked at the list and realized that I wouldn't know who to cut either. She really has that many close intimate friends who have shared her journey.

We each have a "job" that we've taken under our wing so that Delite can relax and enjoy her enourmous wedding (500+ people) and mine, as everyone knew I would claim, is the children.

Following in my pattern, Delite has all her little girl cousins (who are more like nieces to her) and all her close friend's little girls (also like nieces to her) in her wedding. The grand total is 18.

The wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

I am so excited... I love all the little ones. It makes a wedding so precious.


Anne said...

Sooo cool! What a fun event to be a part of! :)

Sew Crafty Meg said...

I love little ones in weddings, I am positive it will be splendid!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment last week!


Angela said...