Tuesday, August 25, 2009

little bits and pieces.

Today I was reminded about all the little parts of living. The bits and pieces that make life... life.

-coffee with my husband. doing our Bible reading. talking about what it means to follow the King.

-arranging the bouquets in our produce/flower stand. all those beautiful sweet smelling blossoms.

-visiting a friend I haven't seen since getting home. sharing about my experiences. hearing about hers. seeing her precious baby. feeling encouraged and loved.

-getting a few groceries (what I could afford on my new 'budget'.)

-talking to my mama about all the pain she's feeling and the joy that's building inspite the pain.

-crying about things at church. again. thought I was over that. then laughing because...it's just there, part of life.

-rejoicing in a savior that loves me. that is changing me. inch by inch. moment by moment. day by day.

1 comment:

Melody said...

I believe that true joy comes from these little things. It's the little things that will matter most when we're reminiscing one day when we are older.