Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An ever-glowing life...

We've been home for two weeks. Has it really be that long? Has it only been that long? Time seems to have drifted all together. One moment I turn, expecting to see James peeking in my kitchen window, only to be met by the looming red tractor parked in front of the house. Other times I feel as if I never really left home. Weren't the towering mountains of LaColline just a dream?

Today was Anna Mae's funeral. How is it that death steals upon us so suddenly? We all know that it is coming, yet, still, we are shocked when it arrives. Yes, she was old. Yes, she was sick. But did we really expect her to die? No. Not yet. But... yes. Yes, here is the end. Am I ready for mine?

We built a vegetable stand at our place to sell Ez and Brianna's produce. Are the prices okay? Do the vegetables look good? We still need signs. My posterboard signs are being lost to the wind. I hope someone stops! Oh, a bouquet is sold. Lovely.

Meeting about VBS tonight. Christmas in August. I can't believe it's really happening. To think that a dream I had while in Haiti is actually turning into a production! The story of our salvation. Jesus comes to earth. What did Isaiah do? What did the shepherds do? What did the wise men do? What did Simeon do? They sought the baby Jesus. They sought him until they found him. And now, years and years later, we can find him too...

I need to stop eating processed foods! Why, oh, why, do we all eat things that are so bad for us? Since being home I keep finding myself feeling SO hungry and the only option is pasty white storebought bread or potato chips or pizza.... No! I want to eat brown rice and steamed vegetables! I want to snack on fruit and carrots. I don't even mind the hamburgers. Just NOT pizza! ah!

Danielle is leaving in just a few days. I love that she's having an adventure. I pray that God will use each day to draw her closer to him. But, oh, how I hope that she comes home when she is finished! (I just like all my friends to stay put so they will be here when I return home!)

God is faithful. Still. I know, obvious. But true, nonetheless. I love dwelling in his greatness. His holiness. His faithfulness. Jesus, you are my light. My strength. My song. May every aspect of my life reflect you. Make me "glow" with your goodness, your faithfulness, your joy, YOU.

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Melody said...

It is amazing how fast time seems to pass us by. I think of all the missed opportunities sometimes and shudder. So sorry to hear you lost a dear loved one. My prayers are with you all and the family.

Blessings dear sister in Christ !