Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My car is in the shop getting snow tires put on (kind of last minute but when you're related to the owner, amazing things happen. *smiles*) So I thought I'd fill out a little quiz thing.

1. What time did you wake up this morning? 7am
2. Diamonds or Pearls? I have a diamond and I have a pearl. I love them both.
3. What is Your Favorite TV show? Probably... Andy Griffith.
4. What did you have for breakfast this morning? a bowl of fruit. I made eggs and sausage for my husband.
5. What is your middle name? Dawn
6. What foods do you dislike? anything that has chemically made sweeteners in it. They react somehow and leave a metalic taste in my mouth. ilck.
7. What is your favorite Cd at the moment? uhm... my "Christmas Belles" cd.
8. What kind of car do you drive? Either my Saab 900 or my husband's F350 SuperDuty
9. Favorite sandwhich? garlic, avocado and salt on Ezekiel bread.
10. What character quality do you despise? deceit
11. Favorite items of clothing? leggings. I think they look so cute with skirts.
12. If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? I'd love to travel around Europe sometime. But probably not in this lifetime because my husband isn't even slightly interested.
13. Favorite brand of clothing? I don't care as long as they are soft and comfy.
14. Where would you retire to? the farm. I really love it there.
15. What was your most recent memorable birthday? I haven't had a good birthday in a long long time.
16. Favorite sport to watch? Probably soccer because I know the most about it.
17. When is your birthday? January 1st.
18. Are you a morning person or a night person? I used to be a morning person but my husband is a night person and I am slowly changing.
19. Shoe size? 6
20. Pets? My husband just told me that there are new kittens in the barn. Who knows where they came from... *laughs*
21. What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to run my own orphanage.
22. How are you today? Okay. I have a bit of a cold.
23. Favorite candy? Babe Ruth. But I usually settle for a piece of dark chocolate.
24. Favorite flower? anything except carnations. Well, there are a few others that I don't particularly like but I don't think they ruin a bouquet the way a carnation does.
25. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? Tomorrow. We're leaving to go to my Grandparents for thanksgiving.
26. What are you listening to right now? "He Is"
27. What did you last eat? apple salad
28. If you were a crayon what color would you be? No idea.
29. How is the weather right now? Just freezing so the snow is wet and sloppy. I think it's awfully pretty.
30. Who was the first person you spoke to on the phone today? My sister-in-law
31. Favorite soft drink? water
32. Favorite resturant? Well, I go to Cafe Z the most, as it is right in town. However, I think my favorite would be Olive Garden.
33. Real hair color? Depends on where I live. Up north it stays pretty dark brown. Down south it bleaches out pretty bright blond with deep red highlights. Weird. I know.
34. What was your favorite toy as a child? My mom's old doll "Susie" that she gave me when I was like 6. Most of it's hair was fallen out and the body was all floppy- but I loved that doll.
35. Summer or winter? both. and everything in between.
36. Chocolate hugs or kisses? I'm not actually big on chocolate. I only eat it to satisfy my sweet tooth.
37. Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla.
38. Coffee or tea? I have trained myself to like coffee with just creamer. However, I think I prefer tea.
39. When was the last time you cried? It's been awhile, actually. A week?
40. What did you do last night? Read the book "Forevermore".
41. What are you afraid of? Not many things. Driving big tractors when I'm not sure how might be high on the list. But my husband and I farm so guess what? I face my fears often.
42. Salty or sweet? salty
43. How many years on your current job? A wife? 1 year.
44. Favorite day of the week? Saturday.
45. How many keys on your keyring? 1
46.How many towns have you lived in? Uhm. Let me count... at least 7.
47. Do you make friends easily? For the most part.
48. Favorite fragrance? Body by Victoria Secret or Be Delicious by... ? I dunno.
49. Biggest pet peeve? gossip. it irks me.
50. Favorite verse? Right now? Romans 8. (the whole chapter.)

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