Thursday, November 20, 2008

Latest Niece Quote

Brianna was talking to Aurora (3 yrs. old- twin) as she looked through the closet for something for her to wear. Everything was too small. (Mind you, Aurora is three inches taller than her twin sister) She looked at her and said, "No pants fit you, Miss Longlegs." To which Aurora replied, "Whatevs. I hate pants."

*sighs* What are we to do with that girl? (I know, put her in dresses. Which is what happened.)

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His Handmaiden Laura said...

I was randomly looking at blogs from I have no idea where I found them... Yours included :) and scrolling down I saw your wedding picture and reckognized you from the picture I saw in the latest Above Rubies Magazine! I thought that was pretty neat. It's noce to "meet" you. :)