Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About Haiti.

To those who have questioned me: As far as we know La Colline sustained no significant damage. They felt the earthquake but the buildings all held.

We received many phone calls once the lines were working again and all said the same thing, they're all good but lots of their cousins/aunts/friends in Port au Prince are dead.

The mission truck did get in an accident as they were on the way to Port to pick up missionaries who were supposed to be landing that day. However, the driver was unhurt and the truck is still driveable.

Felix, the assistant administrator at the hospital, still has heard no work from or about his fiance who was attending school in Port au Prince. Keep her in your prayers!

Amos and I are ready and willing to go to Haiti but feel it best to wait until we know exactly what we would do there. It seems right now that greatest need is food and water-- and we can help more from here than from there. However, Amos's cousin has been in contact with YWAM and we've talked to CFM, out of Florida, and we are praying that if God wishes us to go, he'll just send us a phone call that says we're needed!

Guess that's about all the update I have for now. Oh! Except one piece of happiness in the midst of this...
Friends of our who have been trying to adopt 2 little girls from Haiti for the past 3 years just contacted us with the news that he is in Port au Prince with refugee visas for the girls! They should be flying home within a day or two. This has been a matter of much prayer for us and we are amazed at God's faithfulness!

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