Thursday, May 21, 2009

more Haiti memories.

Quote of the Month: Every sin begins with a thought and every spiritual battle is won or lost at the threshold of the mind. - Sharon Jaynes

On my mind: We haven't had internet for awhile... hopefully we will have it regularly again soon. As of now, I'm online at a hotel. My parent's are coming in today! They were supposed to be here yesterday but their plane was cancelled. I am so excited to see them!
We have our tickets home now. We're going back in August instead of November. We've finished most of our work already... so, we didn't feel like it would be good stewardship to just sit around at the mission.

A few Memories:
People here are constantly telling Amos that he has "gwo vant" (big belly) because most guys are very skinny (not girls, really, just the guys. it's weird.) and one morning I brought cookies out to all the workers. They just loved them. Amos said to Rouskou, "Ou remmen?" (You like?) and Rouskou said, "Wi, wi, anpil." (Yes, a lot.) and Amos said, "sa reason mwen gen gwo vant." (that's the reason I have a big belly.) They laughed and laughed!

Little James was standing next to me, staring at the last Pati in the dish. His round eyes were hungrily thinking about the tasty fried dough with meat inside.
They say he can't speak English but when I said, "Do you want that?" He nodded eagerly. I pulled the plate over and offered it gently to him. In a flash the pati was gone and a brilliant smile was my reward.
The rest of the family might be sharing three pati's between them but for once this middle child got his very own.

I was talking on the phone to my family back home (I was on speaker phone) and informed them that our internet wasn't working. Little Giselle piped up, "Well, my dad can fix it!"

Guess that's all for now.

We are going to go eat some breakfast (although, I think I'll pass on the pumpkin soup that the Haitian's love to serve for breakfast) and then get ready to go pick up my parents!

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