Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Calling of Natasha

I was reading in Luke, chapter 5, today where it talks about the calling of Simon Peter. As I read, I was struck with a thought: What if this was happening to me?

It was mid-afternoon and I was tired and sweaty from a hard day of work in the garden. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to show for the hours of labor. As I started toward the house I saw a man walking towards me with a large crowd of people behind him.

"Hello, Ma'am." He called out to me. I walked to meet him and he smiled in a way that made me feel like I had known him for years. "May I use your yard to speak to these people?"

My first thought, of course, was, "Who is this man?" But there was something so winning about him that I nodded. The crowd settled themselves around the yard while the man climbed up on the back of a tractor so that he could see everyone.

He taught for hours. Everyone sat with their eyes pinned on him. It seemed as if he was your best friend and had pulled you aside for a chat. "Guess what!?" He exclaimed, "I have the most wonderful news!"

When he was finished he turned to me. "Why don't you go harvest your garden?" He suggested.

"Well, I've been working in it all day but it's been a bad year. Not much of a harvest." Something in his face made me catch myself, "But if you think it's a good idea..." I trailed off. He winked at me and we turned toward the rows of vegetables.

I bent down and pulled up a tiny radish plant and too my surprise a huge radish hung to the little green sprout. I looked at him again and he smiled and dug his hands into the dirt beneath a withering potato plant. Dozens of potatoes fell from the loosened soil. Carrots, cucumbers, beans, peas, onions, peppers, squash... The once almost barren garden was producing a crop beyond my wildest imagination.

Every basket I owned was filled and still more produce was coming forth. Friends from the crowds rushed up with their arms open to receive the bounty. Little kids I had never seen before were sitting in my yard munching on carrots and peas.

I looked at the man and every questioned I had was suddenly answered. I knew who this was. Not just a great teacher or speaker; not just a friendly face and kind heart; no, he was much much more.

This man, who was standing in my garden, was the giver of life. The creator of the very earth we stood upon. The one who makes plants grow and kids laugh and hearts whole. My Savior.

I fell to my knees at his feet. "Jesus, forgive me! I am but a lowly sinner. I am not worthy of your attention or grace."

I felt a hand upon my shoulder and I looked up into the most beautiful thing in the world; forgiveness.

He pulled me to my feet and said, "My daughter, do not fear.Come, follow me. I will make you a harvester of souls."

This, of course, is entirely relevant as we face this task of preparing to go to Haiti for a year. My question to myself is:

Am I willing to follow? To leave my garden, my home, my family, my friends, my comforts... to follow Him?

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That's beautiful!