Friday, May 9, 2008

Informational Beginnings.

Just a girl, in my twenties, married to a boy. Settled upon a small farm in Northern New York where I attempt to blend the full time work of a farmers wife with part time work at our community bank.
I grew up here and there around the country. Spent a small portion of my life in different countries. Never thought I’d find a man who could make me truly want to marry but I did. Never thought I’d find a man who would be a compassionate leader and a loving husband and know my God AND fall in love with me. But I did.
My extra time I spend writing or attempting to write. Mostly stories about my God. A few children’s stories to fill my nieces and nephews time. Randomly I pull out all the stops and write a piece of strange, bizarre, interesting; but totally irrelivant- poetry or fiction. But mostly I just write about my Jesus… who rescued me. Who set me free. Who brought me light in the midst of darkness. The one who continues to follow me through my confusion and fears even now.

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